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Unsecured Business Loans

Get up to R5 million in business funding within 24 hours if you have been trading for over 1 year and have turned over more than R1 million. Find out whether you qualify and how you can grow your business with a business loan.

Corporate Credit Ratings

Our Corporate Credit Rating Service offers business owners crucial insights into their company’s creditworthiness. Plus, evaluate potential partners’ financial health with ease. Make informed decisions, build trust, and drive successful collaborations.

Direct Debit Order System

Streamline your transactions with our Direct Debit System. Ideal for businesses with recurring payments, it ensures timely collections, boosts cash flow, and reduces administrative hassles. Automate, secure, and simplify your billing process today!

Equipment (Asset) Finance

Unlock growth with our Equipment Finance solutions. Asset finance provides the means to acquire vital machinery and tools without straining cash reserves. Invest in productivity, while ensuring manageable repayment terms. Propel forward today!

Equity Release

Equity Release offers homeowners the opportunity to unlock capital from their property’s value while retaining ownership. Convert a portion of your home equity into accessible funds for immediate use, ensuring financial flexibility without relocating.

Executor Bonds

Executor Bonds act as a guarantee ensuring the fair execution of a will’s directives. Designed for estate executors, these bonds safeguard beneficiaries, ensuring estate assets are managed and distributed responsibly. Navigate estate management with confidence.

Floor Plan Finance

Floor Plan Finance provides used car dealerships with capital to purchase inventory. Purchase vehicles upfront, then repay as items are sold. It’s a fluid solution, aligning inventory costs with sales revenue. Drive your used car dealership forward!

Import Funding

Boost your global trade endeavors with Import Funding. Designed to ease international transactions, it covers upfront costs ensuring smooth product acquisition from overseas. Navigate global markets confidently and expand your reach.

Stock/Inventory Funding

Streamline your stock management with Inventory Funding. Tailored for businesses, it provides capital to purchase essential stock, aligning expenditure with sales cycles. Keep shelves full, meet demand, and ensure uninterrupted operations.

Invoice Discounting

Transform unpaid invoices into immediate capital. Ideal for businesses seeking cash flow boosts without waiting for payment terms to lapse. Maintain control of your invoice collection, while enhancing liquidity. Accelerate your financial momentum!

Loans Against Assets

Unlock immediate capital by leveraging your assets. Whether it’s machinery, art, or other moveable items, convert them into accessible funds without selling them. Secure, flexible, and tailored, it’s financial empowerment without liquidating. 

Purchase Order Funding

Propel your business by financing confirmed orders. Cater to large contracts without straining cash reserves. With Purchase Order Funding, we back your ability to deliver, ensuring you meet client demands promptly and efficiently. Turn orders into growth!

Commercial Solar Funding

Illuminate your business’s sustainable future with 100% Commercial Solar Funding. Cover the complete cost of your solar project, from panels to installation, with zero upfront expenses. Boost green credentials, save on energy, and invest in a brighter tomorrow!

RAF Loans

Awaiting a Road Accident Fund (RAF) payout? Our RAF Bridging Loans provide immediate financial relief, granting you access to a portion of your anticipated settlement. Ensure your needs are met while the claim process unfolds.

Pension Bridging Loans

Harness your future today with a Pension Bridging Loan. Access a portion of your pension or provident fund payout before it’s fully processed. Whether transitioning between jobs or facing unexpected expenses, bridge the gap and maintain financial stability.

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