Each service provider / lender will provide their loan interest and admin costs to you BEFORE you accept the loan. If you do not like the loan costs, you are NOT OBLIGED to accept the loan.

How do I apply?

Click the “APPLY” button on the selected product and fill in the online form. A loan specialist will contact you, if they believe they can assist.


In order to track the communication, most feedback is by email. However, most lenders will initially call you to discuss your requirements.

May I submit more than one application

Yes. Each product solution is provided by a different service provider. Please do select as many different financing solutions options as you see fit.

Who provides the money?

Each accredited lender / asset management company has their own investment money that they need to lend out. They are keen to lend the money out because it is only once the money is lent out, do they make money.

How long to get an approval?

Each product has its own time line. Business Loans ( Unsecured ) can be as fast as 3 days, property equity release is a minimum of 2 weeks. Other funding solutions have their own time lines. Most delays are caused due to insufficient documentation being provided by clients. Please submit ALL requested documents.

How do I know if I will be approved?

Only once the lender has received all the requested documentation, can a proper assessment be done.
There is no guarantee of approval. To give yourself the best chance, please submit everything the lenders request….no matter how simple it might sound. The majority of declined applications are due to missing information.

What happens if I am declined ?

Try another solution on our website. There are sometimes alternative funding solutions.

What happens if I do not pay back the loan?

Do not take the loan if you cannot pay it back. You do not want to be listed at the credit bureaus and have your reputation tarnished, plus be liable for legal and other costs.

Compliance and Legality?

All our service providers are ‘above board’, accredited and registered with the relevant authorities

Who cannot apply?

Sorry, we cannot assist Start Up businesses.