Who We Are

We are a financing facilitation service, based in South Africa.
We market a variety of financing solutions and refer you DIRECTLY to accredited lenders.
You then deal direct and get the loan and answers straight from the lender !


  • They are experts in their field of lending. YOU get the benefit of talking to the experts.
  • It is quicker than working through a third party. No delays.
  • The cost of the service is cheaper.
    We receive a small fee ( from the lender NOT from you ), for referring you to the service provider as opposed to us charging for our time and management.

YOU therefore get the best service !!!

What risk is there to you to use us

No risk at all. We have selected the best service providers in the market, that are accredited to deal with financial products. We merely refer you to service providers.


You do not pay us for our service. We receive a small fee from the lender, if a loan is approved.

The lender will charge interest on the loan and in some cases an admin fee or raising fee. The lender will provide a term sheet or deal structure sheet which shows the costs. YOU can decline or accept the deal. This is your choice.