The past 2 years have been really tough on South African businesses, with many having to sell cars, properties and holiday homes to keep businesses afloat or to take advantage of gaps in the market created by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Selling your property for cash is not as quick a fix as it seems to be to cash flow problems. Once a property is sold it can take months for the property to transfer and the funds to reflect in your bank account, especially with constant delays at the Deeds Office. 

Enter property bridging finance, a way to get a portion of what is owed to you after the transfer of your property NOW, without waiting for months. Property bridging essentially bridges the gap between registration of the sold property and the cash shortfall you’re experiencing now. 

Property bridging finance eliminates the waiting period between lodging and payout, allowing you to capitalize on new opportunities to grow your business or to help get your business out of a tough spot financially. The process is quick, easy and hassle-free, especially through our fantastic lenders. 

If you have sold a property to purchase new business premises, you can also use the property bridging loan to pay transfer fees, rates clearance and conveyancer fees, taking the financial burden away. 

Apply now for a property bridging loan for your business and get your funds early.